shokoh sanat varna


The policy of Shokouh Sanat Varna Company

Shokouh Sant Varna Company, relying on its local potential and cross-border interaction in production activities and as one of the pillars of supplying insulation and insulation parts, announces its quality policy as follows:
– Respecting the demands of customers and satisfying them
– Increasing the level of technical and specialized knowledge in personnel and motivating them in order to achieve the quality goals of the organization
– Increase efficiency and reduce waste to reach zero level
– Upgrading and developing the quality level of the organization’s suppliers
– Continuous improvement in order to improve quality, timely delivery and reduce the cost in all activities and levels of the organization
In this regard, to achieve the objectives of the above policy, a quality management system has been developed.
The management of Shokuh Sanat Varna Company considers human resources as its greatest asset and commits to the good realization of the above goals, which requires the effective implementation of the methods.

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