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What is wool fiber and what is its use?

Wool is a common term used for soft and woven fibers, which are mainly derived from domestic sheep wool and are widely used in textile production. Wool may be detached from the hair essentially due to the natural scale that covers the outer surface of any fibers. The various degrees of wool are innumerable, very small and thin, and are connected only at the base. Therefore, these fibers are woven together under pressure.

Properties of wool fibers

– Brilliance
– Softness
– Warm
– High elasticity and resilience
– High moisture absorption
– Ability to absorb and quickly repel moisture
– Heat insulation
– Soundproof
– High heat resistance

Wool grading

Wool fibers are graded by fiber diameter, curl, color efficiency, fiber color, fiber length and finally its strength. You should know that among the above, the diameter of the fiber is very important in the valuation and price of wool.

Application of wool fibers

By-products: are products that are produced in addition to the main products. In the case of sheep, wool and meat are the main products. Other products derived from sheep include lanolin used in cosmetics; Leather and leather used in leather products; Gelatin used in photographic films; Animal fats used in soaps are special adhesives and special medicines, which are just a few of the many different uses for these products.
Carding: mixing, smoothing and smoothing the fibers
Dyeing: To transfer the dye to the fibers
Fleece: The wool or covering that covers the surface of a sheep’s body.
Felting: The use of heat, moisture and abrasion on the woolen fabric makes the fabric firm.