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Production of insulation from recycled denim

With the importance of the recycling industry in the world today, attention to the fate of products has been considered by all industrial actors, including manufacturers and policy makers. The textile and machine-made carpet industry is also one of the industries in which recycling is of special importance, and at the same time it is expanding as a source of income and a profitable field. Only a very small portion of textile waste now goes back to the life cycle and consumption, and about 90% of these valuable disposable goods go to landfills and are forgotten under a pile of dirt and rubbish. Textile goods They have a very high recyclability and can be used for many different uses and applications.

One of the most popular goods today, which each of us may have a few of them in our wardrobe, is jeans or clothes made of denim fabrics. Recently, an American company with the slogan “Convert blue jeans” To Green Insulation ”has been able to come up with a very interesting idea for recycling this popular and valuable fabric. The company is in the process of converting jeans into functional insulation for the construction industry. According to them, they have been able to collect, recycle and insulate more than one million pieces of pants and jeans from all over the country.

Recycling jeans

The process of producing a pair of jeans is very long and starts from cotton fields. To produce every kilo of cotton in the fields, a lot of water, pesticides, labor and machinery and time are spent, which is very significant. This cotton then goes to the cotton-cleaning factories and goes through the stages of weaving, spinning, weaving, finishing and sewing to reach the shops and we buy it. Now suppose that after a few years of consuming this product, we send this valuable cloth, which cost a lot of time and energy to produce, to landfills and hide it in the soil forever. So you can well imagine that returning this product to the consumption cycle and recycling it will save a huge amount of capital in our crisis-stricken world. One of the applications that can be used from recycled denim fibers is the production of insulation. This insulation has significant advantages because it is produced from natural cotton fibers, the most important of which are the following:

– No use of chemicals in the production of insulation

– Very soft and tactile surface with cotton softness

– Ability to use decorative and soothing colors at home

– Up to 30% more sound insulation ability

– Significant thermal insulation capability

– Can be used in home appliances such as dishwasher insulation

– Used in the insulation of gyms

– Used in the manufacture of industrial mattresses

– Industrial and building insulation

In addition to the above, new applications for this product are presented every day by various industrial sectors.